Good Green News to Make Your Thursday.

Sometimes things can be pretty depressing if you turn on the news for too long… But here at Stroodles we try to celebrate the good in the world and look on the bright side of life. So, we are going to turn our attention to some exciting and heart-warming sustainability ventures that help keep us optimistic about the future and the state of the planet!

Let’s kick off with…

The Millenial Entrepreneurs Going Green

Below we have referenced two innovative ideas from this Euronews article, which highlights several entrepreneurs and their businesses. However, we recommend reading the full article as they are all worth knowing about and keeping on your radar.

Young Business Leaders Making Waves in the Sustainabilty Market — Credit: Euronews

Capture — The CO2 Tracker App

The app calculates a user’s baseline emissions and then sets a monthly target of reducing this figure by 7.6 per cent. This figure has been specifically chosen as, in order to meet the 2030 1.5 degree warming goal (based on stats from the IPCC)

Living sustainably will be as easy as counting your daily steps!

Aziz & Josie — Credit: Green Is The New Black

FoodCloud — Surplus Food to Charities App

Retailers on the FoodCloud system upload descriptions of surplus dry and canned goods and charities then receive a notification telling them that food is available for collection.

To date, this enterprise has saved approximately 20 thousand tonnes of food, saving charities more than €61.5 million.

Credit: Food Cloud

Out with the NEW, in with the OLD: How Designers are making their Spring 2021 collections with recycled fabrics

Beyond the creative challenges, cash flow came to a grinding halt for many designers. Retailers canceled their pre — fall orders, saddling labels with mountains of unsold inventory, and clothing sales hit record lows in the spring of 2020. For those who wanted to show something unique and new the only option was to get resourceful and creative. Many used leftover materials from seasons past, reviving old patterns, and working with their hands rather than machines. Lots of sewing, draping, embellishing, and dyeing garments at home.

This article on Vogue describes how designers like Gabriela Hearst and Marina Moscone have shifted their creative process to put sustainability in the driving seat. They are paving the way to inspire their peers to reuse and repurpose fabrics in order to avoid as much waste as possible.

Sandra Capponi, the cofounder of Good on You, the site known for rating brands’ sustainability efforts, says that consumers have a huge part to play in this move towards greener production. Our hopes are that Gen Z shoppers continue with their demands for transparency from fashion labels about their production processes, their treatment and payment of workers, and the overall climate impact they are making.

Credit: Vogue

LEGO & Paper Bags

The Lego Group Chief Exec said that this shift towards using paper bags has been pushed by kids around the world who sent many letters to the company asking to remove the single — use plastic packaging. We are so thrilled to see youngsters getting passionate about climate issues! This goes to show that you are never too small to make a difference.

Read the full article about LEGO’s sustainable steps on The Guardian


Thank you for reading! We hope you feel inspired by these projects, apps, and commitments by companies and individuals to create a happier, healthier and greener world.

Stroodles Team x

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